Donate to the Liberty Nautical Education Center/Sea Dart II, Inc.

Sea Dart II, Incorporated, is a nonprofit corporation located in New Jersey.

Sea Dart II, Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which can make donations to us tax deductible.  We will provide receipts which can be used with your tax returns to claim a deduction.  Consult your tax professional if you have questions about how donating to a nonprofit organization may affect your personal tax situation. 

Our EIN is 22-2941792.

You can mail in a donation by making a check to: Sea Dart II Inc., and mail to:

Liberty Nautical Education Center

PMB #264

651 North Stiles Street

Linden, NJ 07036

Or use your phone to access this QR code:

Or Donate via Paypal directly using this link: